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Certified Hypnotist, EFT, & Reiki Master Practitioner
Hypnosis is the induction of a trance or altered state of consciousness in an individual so as to make them highly responsive to suggestions, which are specially formulated to help the individual achieve a specific goal.  These goals can be very wide-ranging, frequently involve behavior modification, and can include, but are not limited to dealing with issues of:
Grief & Loss - Stress & Anxiety - Weight Loss & Gain - Addictions - Anger - Body Image - Business Skills - Childbirth - Children's Issues - Confidence Building - Coping with Loss - Exam Skills - Fears & Phobias - Habits & Disorders - Skin Problems & Other Health Relaxations - Memory & Learning - Pain Relaxation - Performance - Personal Development - Relationships - Sports Improvement   
I have been an actively practicing Certified Hypnotist since 2012.  I hold my certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists ( 
I offer my services for private hypnosis sessions on a personal referral basis.   
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) works off the concept of the Chinese meridian system -- a complex system of energy circuits that run throughout the body.  EFT is similar to acupuncture, except that it uses a tapping technique that focuses on clearing the underlying emotional issues that are ailing an individual (and potentially causing physical ailments), rather than using the acupuncture system of needles that tends to focus exclusively on the more surface physical issues.

Founder Gary Craig provides an excellent 7 minute introduction to EFT through this YouTube video:

I have been certified in Levels I and II of EFT since 2013, and I find it to be an extremely complimentary tool to both Reiki and Hypnosis.


Reiki is a gentle Japanese energy healing technique predominantly used to effect stress reduction and relaxation.
I have been practicing Reiki regularly since 2008.  I currently hold two Master Practitioner/Teacher certifications -- one in Usui/Tibetan Reiki Ryoho, and a second in Karuna Reiki®.  In terms of my lineage, one of my four Master teachers places me fourth in line to Dr. Mikao Usui, a well known founder of the practice.  You can obtain extensive information concerning Reiki from these websites: (exlusive of the ICRT's "Holy Fire Reiki", which I do not endorse), and
I have also spent considerable time studying under two Tibetan monks since 2009 -- one of the Nyingma school of Buddhism (Khenpo Ogyen), and another of the Bon tradition (Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche).  These have been very unique, cherished experiences, and I frequently draw from that knowledge in my Reiki and sound healing sessions.
I am certified in Animal Reiki as well.
The following are some articles involving studies of the benefits of Reiki:
    • Reiki proved to be very beneficial in reducing depression, pain and anxiety
       in older adults
    • Columbia's use of Reiki healers for breast surgery patients
    • Yale research shows Reiki helps heart attack patients 
    • Memorial Sloan Kettering's use of Reiki as a Touch Therapy
    • Cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz on Reiki 
    • Science behind measurements of the human biofield and the effects of Reiki 

    • Reiki and pain management
I incorporate Young Living Essential Oils, crystal therapy, and sound healing techniques into my Reiki practice, and I offer my services for both private and small group sessions and events on a personal referral basis.
For more information on Young Living Oils, please see:
For Crystals:
See "My Events Calendar" at for free Hypnosis, Reiki, and other related events that may be of interest to you.
I am currently a Member of the IARP, an international Reiki association, who, along with the other associations listed below, maintains listings if you wish to contact a practitioner and/or teacher in your area:
    • International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP)

    • International Center for Reiki Training Association (ICRT)
    • Long Island Reiki Connection (LIRC)

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